Youth Unemployment and Underemployment


Youth Unemployment and Underemployment

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This video was produced by the Ontario Federation of Labour.


For decades, young workers have faced challenges getting a foothold in the labour market. In recent years, the austerity agenda has magnified these challenges and hit young people in Ontario particularly hard. In April 2013, youth unemployment in Ontario was sitting at 17.1 percent, compared to 6.1 percent for those 25 and over. Many young people who do have work are underemployed or working in temporary short-term positions. Meanwhile, the cost of tuition at Ontario universities is among the highest in Canada and record levels of student debt are weighing recent graduates down as they enter the labour market.

While the challenges facing young people today are becoming recognized, the goal of this event will be to push the conversation to the next step. The event will aim to discuss and put forward concrete solutions to the problem of youth un(der)employment and explore how governments, employers, the labour movement, and other actors can do more to address this challenge.

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