A Creative Approach to Using Mindfulness With Youth


A Creative Approach to Using Mindfulness With Youth

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This webinar was hosted by YouthREX.


Looking for innovative ways to support mental health, especially during this difficult time? Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) can strengthen your work with young people.

Researchers studying MBIs have reported a multitude of benefits, including improved emotion regulation, mood, social competence, and resilience. Youth workers and other frontline practitioners have a unique contribution to make to the practice and study of MBIs: our approaches are holistic, creative, and strengths-based, and we aim to create change that moves beyond the individual, recognizing our interconnectedness and encouraging us to act to support our communities.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • the personal and professional benefits of practicing mindfulness, including developing therapeutic presence and engaging people in enjoyable processes that foster inclusion and expression;
  • a variety of arts-based mindfulness activities;
  • how to facilitate/discuss the philosophy of mindfulness, including some of its concepts (self-compassion/non-judgement) and practices (mindful breathing/meditation);
  • how to facilitate these concepts and practices by way of arts-based and experiential methods that are highly engaging and foster enjoyment and success.

Our special guests for this discussion, based in Sudbury, Ontario, have studied arts-based mindfulness and worked with children and youth, university students, youth and adults seeking mental health services, elementary school teachers, and women leaving abusive relationships:

  • Dr. Diana Coholic, Professor, School of Social Work, Laurentian University
  • Tricia Goeldner, Social Worker, Rainbow District School Board
  • Amanda Hardy, Elementary School Teacher, Rainbow District School Board

Download the slide deck by clicking on the Webinar Resource button above.

Additional Resources:

Youth Research & Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX). (2020, May 19). A Creative Approach to Using Mindfulness With Youth (Webinar Recording) on Vimeo [Video file]. Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/420424278

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