Ask Us Anything About Youth Program Evaluation


Ask Us Anything About Youth Program Evaluation

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This webinar was hosted by YouthREX.


On August 18, we were joined by Dr. Uzo Anucha, YouthREX Provincial Academic Director, Jessica Noble, YouthREX’s Central Hub Manager, and Corliss Bean, a YouthREX Research and Evaluation Specialist, who answered a series of questions about youth program evaluation.

This webinar included questions that were submitted ahead of time from the public, but also featured questions that we received live during the hour. These questions covered different facets of evaluation, including benefits, challenges, practical tips, and more!

Sample questions included:

  • How can our small program with an even smaller budget justify spending resources on evaluation?
  • Our organization has more than one program. How do we choose which program to evaluate considering our tight budget?
  • We know that getting community to buy-in begins before starting an evaluation and is important, but we don’t know where to start. What are effective strategies to do this?

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