Evaluation as Strategy


Evaluation as Strategy

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This webinar was hosted by YouthREX.


So often we hear folks say, ‘Ugh, we hate evaluation!’ – and we understand why. It can feel confusing, like extra work, disconnected, and driven by misplaced accountability. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Evaluation, we believe, is a core strategy for supporting change-makers to maximize their impact. In this webinar, we will share a different way of thinking about program evaluation. We will begin connecting the dots between working to make change, learning about what works, and figuring out the kind of difference you are making.

When evaluation is meaningfully integrated into our work it can contribute to an overall culture of learning within an organization. Commitment to continuous reflection, learning, and application through evaluation improves program practices and outcomes. In a social and economic context that requires non-profits to be dynamic and responsive, evaluation can be strategically used to support you to achieve your legacy.

Join Tanya Darisi, Executive-in-Residence at Capacity Canada, Alyssa Gremmen, POSSE Project, and Christa Romaldi, Youth Action Network, to learn about:

  • How to build in learning from and through evaluation into the culture of your organization (responsive evaluation).
  • How to approach evaluation as a process rather than a tool or set of technical procedures – evaluation as a deliberative process intended to facilitate emergent learning.
  • Ways to draw on your knowledge, experience, and data in order to leverage what you have for learning.
  • How to use evaluation to support strategic planning.

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