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Education of Refugee Youth: Students’ Perspectives


Education of Refugee Youth: Students’ Perspectives

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This study investigates the educational experiences of refugee youth attending high schools operated by the Public, Catholic and Francophone school boards in an urban center in Alberta. This qualitative study includes their experiences inside and outside of schools, their support systems as well as any tensions experienced due to race, culture or gender. It draws its analysis from the symbolic interactionism theoretical perspective. The study has brought to light the significance of cultural capital, the matters of normalization that work through school processes causing students to feel marginalized and excluded. Issues of social reproduction are also evident. Moreover, students contend with problems over race and discrimination. The findings of the study bring about urgency for administrators of education systems to amend their policies, question and transform imbedded power relations and implement an anti racist pedagogy ensuring the success of all students.

Devjee, S. A. (2008). Education of refugee youth: Students’ perspectives (Master’s thesis, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada). Retrieved from:

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