Toronto Community Crisis Service: Share Your Feedback

Provincial System Support Program at CAMH

The Toronto Community Crisis Service (TCCS) is an alternate approach to responding to someone in crisis that focuses on health, prevention, and wellbeing. The service provides an alternative to police enforcement, creating a community-based, client centred, trauma-informed response to non-emergency crisis calls and wellness checks. This service aims to respond to the needs and desires of the communities most impacted by policing and establish trust and confidence in a new community-based response model. The TCCS supports individuals 16 years of age and older.

Phase 2 of the TCCS Evaluation is now underway and is being conducted by the Provincial System Support Program at CAMH. The purpose of this evaluation is to understand preliminary outcomes and stakeholder experiences associated with the TCCS pilot. Part of this evaluation includes collecting information on experiences from community members. Your perspective and feedback will help us to understand the impacts of the TCCS for you and your community. Overall findings from this evaluation will highlight lessons learned and inform recommendations for how Toronto City Council can ensure the success and sustainability of this service.

Your participation in this evaluation is entirely voluntary and greatly appreciated.

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