Youth focus group study recruitment: Youth perceptions of diet and food behaviours in Toronto

Sarah Jarvis, a researcher at the University of Toronto, is leading a focus group study as part of a broader project aimed at developing resources for youth nutrition education programming. The team aims to gain understanding of the knowledge, opinions, and behaviours of youth in the GTA concerning nutrition and sustainability. They are looking for youth volunteers (aged 14 – 18 years) to participate in a research project being conducted at the University of Toronto on youth perceptions of diet and eating behaviour. Participation includes 1 focus group discussion (1-1.5 hours) online via Zoom. A certificate of volunteer service hours will be provided.

If you or someone you know might be interested, find more information at the link below, or email

Who can participate? 

To be eligible you must be aged 14 – 18 years and live and attend school in the GTA.

What does the study involve? 

As a participant you will be asked to join a Zoom session that will last around 60-90 minutes. You will engage in a group discussion on a series of questions about food choices and eating behaviours and a short online categorization activity.

What is in it for you? 

An opportunity to contribute to scientific research that will address global issues related to food and climate. To recognize your volunteer efforts, we will provide a certificate of community service hours, or provide any other proof needed of your volunteer time to fulfill graduation requirements.

How to begin? 

After filling out the form below, we will contact you by email with an information letter providing more detail about the study, the withdrawal process and data use and schedule your focus group session.

Screening link – click (here)!



Feel free to contact Sarah Jarvis, PhD Candidate, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto. Email:

Project supervisor: Dr. Vasanti Malik, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto

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