Second Adolescence


Second Adolescence

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This podcast was produced by Adam James Cohen, LMFT.


Host of the pod, Adam James Cohen, proposes Second Adolescence as a developmental lifestage queer people might need to grow through in adulthood after navigating their first adolescence in an anti-queer world. Second Adolescence is the [often] messy, terrifying, exhilarating, fulfilling, and, ultimately, healing chapter in a queer person’s post-coming out life. Cohen proposes that for many of us, Second Adolescence at its core is about gifting our younger selves the experiences they missed out on and healing the wounds they accrued that we may still be holding within us.

Each episode of Second Adolescence features a conversation Adam has with a new queer person about their own Second Adolescence. We will hear what their experience was like growing up, discovering their identity, coming out, and then, what their Second Adolescence involved – navigating dating, sex, and relationships with their desired gender potentially for the first time in adulthood, shedding or unlearning belief systems they internalized about queerness, discovering who their most free queer selves are, and all the other messy, beautiful, awkward, and healing experiences that fill Second Adolescence.

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Cohen, A. J. (2021-). Second Adolescence. https://www.secondadolescencepod.com/

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