Cannabis Use and Stigma

Cannabis Use and Stigma

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This report was prepared by the YMCA Youth Cannabis Awareness Program.


Stigma creates barriers, prevents people from seeking help, isolates individuals, and affects families and communities. Around 40% of people report that stigma prevents them from seeking medical help. As substance use disorders have a higher prevalence within youth populations, it’s important to discuss the effects of stigma on substance use (including cannabis use) as it pertains to youth specifically, as less than 20% of youth with mental illness/substance use disorders get the help that they need. This low percentage can be attributed to stigma’s effect on policy-makers and wellness providers and their willingness to allocate resources and quality care to those who need it.

This review intends to provide guidance on dismantling stigma related to cannabis use and support the development of content which informs a youth-focused intervention on cannabis use and stigma.

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