Hopeful Resilience: The Impacts of COVID-19 on Young Ontarians


Hopeful Resilience: The Impacts of COVID-19 on Young Ontarians

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This report was published by Young Ontarians United.


After a year of countless Zoom calls, many lost opportunities, and frankly, overwhelming exhaustion and disappointment, one thing is clear— youth have been disproportionately impacted by this pandemic and not enough people are talking about it. Amid a global pandemic, over 500 young Ontarians’ voices raised concerns, shared lived experiences and built solutions. We learned a lot. Issues with virtual delivery of education. Mental health challenges and lack of institutional support. Unprecedented youth unemployment. Feelings of missing out on formative experiences.

If there is anything that has come up from this community-based research, it is that young people are in need of urgent support. While this statement has been repeated numerous times, by political and community leaders, it cannot be stressed enough. The situation is dire and ensuring young people are part of recovery is crucial.

Wang, K., D’Souza, T., Sarker, S., Jain, A., Ling, M., Sahota, R., Zhang, A., Sandhu, S., & Dhaliwal, K. (2021, August). Hopeful resilience: The impacts of COVID-19 on young Ontarians. Young Ontarians United.

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