The Equitable Evaluation Framework


The Equitable Evaluation Framework

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This report was published by the Equitable Evaluation Initiative.


The Equitable Evaluation Framework™ (EEF) invites alignment of purpose, practices, processes, and policies with stated values and intentions, specifically within the context of the U.S. philanthropic sector. EEF challenges us to be explicit and intentional about axiology (what we determine to be right), ontology (what we believe to be true/reality), and epistemology (what is evidence/knowledge). It expands 21st century definitions of validity, objectivity, rigor, and embraces complexity. It challenges cultural norms that continue to place preference for a singular type of truth, knowing, and evidence. The EEF changes the nature of methodologies, as well as offers a starting place for new or conventional ones.

Actors in the philanthropic sector are invited to reimagine how to approach their work.

The Framework offers space to ask questions and learn from and with each other in ways that inform our recommendations, actions, and decisions to align with aims and intentions.

The deepening of the EEF, steeped in practice and praxis, will continue to evolve.

Equitable Evaluation Initiative. (2023). The Equitable Evaluation Framework.

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