Youth Development: Issues, Challenges and Directions


Youth Development: Issues, Challenges and Directions

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This report was published by Public/Private Ventures.


The Youth Development Directions Project was established in the spring of 1998 as a vehicle for taking stock and charting the issues. This volume summarizes the project’s work. The aim of the project was not to cover all youth, but rather to focus on adolescents, the hardest age group for which to generate positive public interest and support, and thus the group (unsurprisingly) for which the public and nonprofit sectors provide the least amount of support, opportunities and guidance.

The project’s aim was not to cover every issue relevant to adolescent development but rather to produce a group of essays that would stimulate the thinking of leaders in the public, private, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors about the actions needed to support the healthy development of America’s youth.

Connell, J., Gambone, M., & Smith, T. (2000). Youth development: Issues, challenges and directions. Philadelphia, PA: Public/Private Ventures.

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