Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: A Resource for Educators


Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: A Resource for Educators

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This toolkit was developed by the Toronto District School Board, in partnership with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.


Anti-Asian racism is pervasive in our society. The current increase in racist attitudes and behaviors towards Asians and people of Asian descent due to the COVID-19 outbreak has negatively impacted the health, well-being and safety of educators, students, families and communities of Asian descent. This resource offers new learnings and innovative actions to ensure immediate changes in learning environments and partnerships with families and communities.

Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: A Resource for Educators provides a foundation for reflection, discussion and social justice action. It was created by a team of educators of Asian descent whose lived experiences, both personal and professional, knowledge and passion for social justice are reflected in its pages. It is our hope that this resource is shared widely and used to build capacity among staff and educators across Ontario to effectively understand, respond, intervene and act when issues of injustice, human rights, equity and oppression arise.

Chan, E., Cheung, S., Kim, S., Lowe, M., Luu, K., McAuley, S., To, J., & Tran, M. (2021). Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: A Resource for Educators. Toronto District School Board & Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario. 

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