Fire It Up: A Toolkit for Youth Action


Fire It Up: A Toolkit for Youth Action

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This toolkit was developed by Youth Action Network.


Fire. It seems dangerous. As children, we’re taught to avoid playing with fire. We’re told to PUT OUT the fire. But fire isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Fire is also about rebirth and regeneration. It’s about change and new beginnings. Fire. It’s a lot like youth. The adults tell us we’re dangerous. We’re taught to conform and to respond to society’s demands. But we’re not as bad as they make us out to be.

We are also the new generation. Youth are ALL about change, bold ideas, and new beginnings. And we’re here, in their face, whether they like it or not. Read on to find out what youth are capable of today, and Fire It Up!

Youth Action Network. (2002). Fire It Up: A Toolkit for Youth Action. Retrieved from

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