Take Action! A Practical Guide for YOUth to Lead Change


Take Action! A Practical Guide for YOUth to Lead Change

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This toolkit was developed by Amplify Youth Voices.


This toolkit was written in a context of the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racism, rising economic inequalities, persisting gender injustice, lasting colonialism, intensifying climate change, instances around the world of violent extremism, shrinking civic space, fake news, and general uncertainty. But amid these uncertain times there is still reason to be optimistic: youth across the globe are playing a crucial role in shaping society and leading systemic change. Despite government restrictions and social distancing, we don’t need to relinquish the streets: there are still plenty of ways that we can make our voices heard and bring about systemic change. We’ve seen the power of youth in a pilot project of two years called “Amplify Youth Voices”, which brought together more than 150 youth across Canada and Europe to plan collective actions in their own communities.

The toolkit is, first and foremost, a practical guide. You’ll find information on different types of collective actions and real-life examples from youth groups across Canada and Europe and other organizations around the globe, who are leading change. You’ll be equipped with useful templates and tools that can guide you through the collective action planning process. We’ve also included helpful tips, information, and resources on anti-oppression, gender, intersectionality and the creation of safe, accessible and inclusive spaces.

Meier, C. (2020). Take Action! A Practical Guide for YOUth to Lead Change. Amplify Youth Voices.

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