The Power is Yours: Your Federal Election Handbook


The Power is Yours: Your Federal Election Handbook

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This toolkit was developed by the Democratic Engagement Exchange.


When you see a headline in the news or a story on social media that makes you angry, sad or brings you tears, what do you do? Do certain stories that touch your heart make you want to spring into action?

There are many ways to make the world a better place. Taking action can be as small as offering your neighbour a cup of sugar, or signing a petition, and as big as volunteering for a cause you care about, or going to a rally.

What’s important is that everyone has a voice. When those voices are raised together, they become impossible to ignore.

This online toolkit will equip young, first-time, and infrequent voters with everything they need to have the confidence to vote.

Remember – the people’s vote elects the government. Make an impact and make your vote count.

This toolkit is only available online through the Democratic Engagement Exchange.

Democratic Engagement Exchange. (2019). The Power is Yours: Your Federal Election Handbook. Retrieved from

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