Virtual Work is Here: A Guide for Youth


Virtual Work is Here: A Guide for Youth

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This toolkit was developed by Canadian Council for Youth ProsperityTamarack Institute.


What does it mean to work virtually? It could mean working from home, in a cafe, in a shared workspace, or location where you are physically separated from the members of your team. Whereas in the past we might have used conference calls and emails to stay connected when out of the office, today we have access to video conferencing software, instant messaging, and a myriad of collaborative tools previously not available – making working virtually easier and more effective.

This guide seeks to give youth, the people that employ them, and the people that seek to support them a toolkit for how to grow within a team, how to make the best of the skills they build, and how to navigate and support a new career, all virtually. It also seeks to begin a conversation in the virtual work, mentorship, and career development space.

Pulido, L., Newman, M., & Ward, C. (2020). Virtual Work is Here: A Guide for Youth. Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity & Tamarack Institute.

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