The Art of Recovery – Through Another Lens


The Art of Recovery – Through Another Lens

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This video was produced by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).


The Art of Recovery – Through Another Lens was a 10-week project at CMHA Toronto, where youth from the Early Psychosis Intervention Program and the Transitional Youth Program were invited to participate in a photojournalism group following the photovoice method. Created by Social Worker Jasmine Saleh, this approach was chosen as a way to engage youth to use photography as a visual representation to express their experiences, perspectives, and thoughts around a certain topic or social issue.

This initiative was completely youth-led, as each youth chose to focus their photos on their unique journeys with mental health, as well as show a group portrayal of the experience of being a recipient of care through the mental health system.

Thank you to Jasmine for bringing this project to life, and thank to the youth participants for sharing your story with our community. We’d also like to thank The Weather Network who worked with CMHA Toronto to produce this video, and captured a powerful story about mental health recovery.

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