This Is Not A Resilience Story | Documentary on Child & Youth Voice


This Is Not A Resilience Story | Documentary on Child & Youth Voice

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This video was sponsored by the Réseau de Savoir sur l’Équité / Equity Knowledge Network (RSEKN).


This Is Not A Resilience Story is a documentary centred on problematizing ideas and practices around student and youth voice and youth leadership, highlighting the experiences of students, teachers, and communities. The goal of this documentary is to disrupt commonly-held beliefs and assumptions by stakeholders in education around youth voice, especially for racialized, marginalized, and underserved populations. The film will serve as an example for how educators might address, challenge, promote, and support issues related to equity, inclusion, and student voice in their respective schools, boards, communities, and beyond. The question we hope to address throughout the film is as follow: What do educators need to reflect on to engage student voice in affirming and non-tokenizing ways? What pervasive myths prevent educators from engaging student voice and leadership in authentic and respectful ways?

This Is Not A Resilience Story is a collaborative effort between RSEKN’s GTA Regional Team Lead Vidya Shah (PhD), spoken word poet and educator Noor El-Husseini (M.Ed.), and filmmaker G. Mark Weston. We would also like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution of educators (both featured in the film and behind the scenes) as well as the students who contributed to the making of this documentary.

El-Husseini, N. (Director/Producer), & Weston, G. M. (Filmmaker/Editor). (2019, September 3). This Is Not A Resilience Story [Video file]. Canada: RSEKN. Retrieved from

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