20 ‘Simple Things’ to Centre Black Youth Wellbeing


20 ‘Simple Things’ to Centre Black Youth Wellbeing

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This factsheet was created by YouthREX.


Learning about anti-Black racism and understanding the historical roots and present-day manifestations is critical for anti-Black racism action.

Finding concrete ways to challenge, disrupt, and combat systematic anti-Black racism in our individual practices and organizational policies can be a challenge.

How can we move from knowledge to practice – from anti-Black racism learning to anti-Black racism action?

What is the one simple thing, in your personal practice, organization, or professional practice, that you will focus on implementing to improve outcomes for Black youth, starting today?

We asked participants who had completed Centering Black Youth Wellbeing: A Certificate on Combatting Anti-Black Racism to reflect on these questions and share with others on the Community of Practice on the Virtual Café.

This factsheet provides examples of their responses on 10 individual practices and 10 organizational practices that can be implemented to centre Black youth and improve Black youth wellbeing.

Youth Research & Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX). (2024). 20 ‘Simple Things’ to Centre Black Youth Wellbeing.

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