Pyramid of Hate


Pyramid of Hate

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This factsheet was created by the Anti-Defamation League.


The Pyramid of Hate illustrates the prevalence of bias, hate, and oppression in our society. It is organized in escalating levels of attitudes and behaviour that grow in complexity from bottom to top. Like a pyramid, the upper levels are supported by the lower levels; unlike a pyramid, the levels are not built consecutively or to demonstrate a ranking of each level. Bias at each level reflects a system of oppression that negatively impacts individuals, institutions, and society. Unchecked bias can become “normalized” and contribute to a pattern of accepting discrimination, violence, and injustice in society. While every biased attitude or act does not lead to genocide, genocide takes place within a system of oppression in which the attitudes and actions described at the lower levels of the pyramid are accepted. When we challenge those biased attitudes and behaviours in ourselves, others, and institutions, we can interrupt the escalation of bias and make it more difficult for discrimination and hate to flourish.

Anti-Defamation League. (2021). Pyramid of Hate. https://www.adl.org/sites/default/files/pyramid-of-hate-web-english_1.pdf

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