A Framework for Nonprofit Data Strategies


A Framework for Nonprofit Data Strategies

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This report was published by the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN).


The report provides an overview of the complexities, challenges, and opportunities on how the nonprofit sector — bolstered by investment and support from other stakeholders — can make the best use of its data, to develop better outcomes for communities across Ontario. The intention is to encourage nonprofit leaders to advocate for data practices and standards that are meaningful to their work.

There are two major forms of data referenced in this report: data generated in or by nonprofits themselves, either individually or as a collective, and data generated about the nonprofit sector, usually through researchers, academics, or government agencies. It does not delve into specific types of data, such as evaluation data and performance metrics or measurements, which lend themselves to additional study and exploration.

This report is intended for both individual nonprofit organizations and nonprofit collectives that would like to create a data strategy that reflects their needs.

The report is divided into four sections:

  • Part A – provides the reader with an understanding of the nonprofit sector’s current data landscape.
  • Part B and C – introduces the framework, and elaborates on its key components.
  • Part D – offers recommendations for various stakeholders to support framework development and adoption.

This report can be used by nonprofit organizations and collectives who are curious about data and would like to explore its applications to their work. It is also intended for government and non-governmental funders, policymakers, academics, and researchers who are interested and invested in supporting the nonprofit sector as an equal and vital partner in the data ecosystem.

Ontario Nonprofit Network. (2023). A Framework for Nonprofit Data Strategies.

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