The Somali Youth Justice Toolkit


The Somali Youth Justice Toolkit

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This toolkit was developed by Positive Change Toronto Initiative.


This is a youth-led and youth-designed advocacy toolkit developed to help Somali youth navigate the Canadian criminal justice system. In the formulation of this toolkit, Positive Change Toronto Initiative (PCTOI) organized a youth circle with Somali youth aged 18-29-years-old to discuss the Canadian criminal justice system. PCTOI also hired a criminal justice lawyer and legal educators to develop this resource guide, which focused on three themes: interaction with the police, navigating the criminal justice system, and custody.

In the youth circle, participants were asked to identify the justice issues that impact them and their peers. During the discussions, youth were asked questions such as: what they know about the criminal justice system, who they would turn to if they were facing legal issues, and what changes they would like to see. In a survey conducted by PCTOI, youth have also identified five common issues: discrimination and interactions with police, legal counsel, types of charges, the court system, and rehabilitation and integration back into the community post-incarceration. These five issues will be discussed throughout this toolkit, in addition to other topics.

PCTOI’s youth advocacy toolkit aims to document the rights and responsibilities of Somali youth relating to topics about the Canadian criminal justice system and areas of concern and interest.

Positive Change Toronto Initiative. (2022). The Somali Youth Justice Toolkit.

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