Opening Up: Creating Healing Spaces for Young Black Men


Opening Up: Creating Healing Spaces for Young Black Men

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This webinar was hosted by YouthREX.


How can we create safe spaces for young Black men to speak openly about their mental health, seek support, and move towards wellness?

This event included a screening of the short film The Zeta Project (2020), by Soch Nwakaeze and Eben Odonkor. The film tells the story of a young Black man who is searching for ways to understand and cope with his mental health, including his struggle, with openness without judgement. The screening was followed by a discussion on the importance of confronting the stigma around mental health for young Black men and adopting healing-centred approaches to wellness.

The filmmakers describe The Zeta Project: “The goal of this short film is to create a safe space for dialogue and give us the opportunity to seek support, find people who can relate to each other, and move towards wellness.”

Following the screening, Chantal Phillips facilitated a conversation with Eben Odonkor, joined by special guests:

Chantal is a medical student at the University of Toronto, a Research Assistant with YouthREX, and Project Manager of the Black COVID Resilience Health Promotion Project with Black Health Alliance.

You can watch The Zeta Project on YouTube.

Youth Research & Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX). (2021, January 28). Opening Up: Creating Healing Spaces for Young Black Men (Webinar Recording) on Vimeo [Video file]. Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/505861588

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