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YouthREX webinars create space for engaging, thoughtful and critical conversations on issues impacting youth wellbeing across Ontario.

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Navigating Quicksand: Supporting Cross-Over Youth Thursday, February 27th | 5pm to 6:30pm EST

Join us for this critical conversation exploring the unique challenges faced by cross-over youth – young people involved in both the child welfare and criminal justice systems.

Dr. Judy Finlay and Justice Brian Scully will share their experiences as Co-Founders of the Cross-Over Youth Project, a four-year pilot project that set out to implement and evaluate a range of best practice options aimed at improving outcomes for cross-over youth.

We will also be joined by youth workers and young people (to be announced!) in order to understand the issues at play for cross-over youth, discuss practice approaches and strategies that can support their wellbeing, and centre the voices of young people.



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