Canadians’ Perspectives on Climate Change & Education


Canadians’ Perspectives on Climate Change & Education

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This report was published by Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF).


The purpose of LSF’s newest climate change survey is to assess Canadians’ knowledge, understanding, and perceptions of climate change and its risks, and to explore views on climate change education in Canada. This survey compares current results to our 2019 benchmark survey and provides recommendations to all sectors to support climate learning.

This comprehensive report reflects the opinions and perspectives of 4,035 Canadians on climate change education in Canada. Responses are analyzed by four key respondent groups: educators, parents, students, and the general public, as well as by province/region across Canada.

The results paint a picture of a Canadian population that is deeply concerned about the impacts of climate change and eager for reliable information and action within both the public and formal education system. The information collected in this survey will be crucial in forming a climate-centered path forward.

The report is divided into four main sections:

  • Section One: background and demographics of the survey.
  • Section Two: a selection of questions that were replicated from our 2019 survey and an analysis of how things have changed.
  • Section Three: new 2022 findings on how each target group perceives climate change and a highlights of educators’ unique perspectives on the issues that impact the teaching of climate change.
  • Section Four: examines Canadians segmented into climate audiences based on EcoAnalytics’ Canadian Ladder of Engagement, as well as gender.

Schwartzberg, P., Stevens, J., & Acton, K. S. (2022). Canadians’ Perspectives on Climate Change Education: 2022. Leger for Learning for a Sustainable Future.

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