Reimagine Playbook


Reimagine Playbook

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This report was published by UNICEF Canada.


This playbook represents the work of over 100 young advocates who came together throughout 2021 to learn and share knowledge and skills about their human rights and how to advocate for them. These young people identified four interconnected issues that unite them in their passion for shaping a better country and a reimagined world: Climate Change, Disability and Accessibility, Mental Health, and Racial Justice and Indigenous Rights.

Each session statement summarizes a youth-led discussion on these issues, as understood and written by the youth themselves. Each section includes recommendations from the youth for decision-makers, adult allies, and other young people on how we can support them in their advocacy. Please read and share them widely to amplify youth voices and experiences and help reimagine a better future for young people in Canada.

The playbook was formally released at the Youth Activism Summit on November 19, 2021, in recognition of National Child Day and World Children’s Day.

UNICEF Canada. (2021). Reimagine Playbook.

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