Making the Case for Authentic Youth Engagement


Making the Case for Authentic Youth Engagement

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This toolkit was developed by Halton Youth Initiative.


The Halton Youth Initiative was a project of the Our Kids Network, serving the Ontario communities of North Oakville, Acton, Aldershot, and Milton.

The Halton Youth Initiative illustrated that when you intentionally build and support youth-focused initiatives, communities can exceed outreach goals, provide safe in-person and virtual spaces to gather, and maximize the positive impact on issues that matter to young people.

This online toolkit includes:

  • a Practice Brief, examining the project outcome, listing specific actions, and providing reflection questions for further investigation;
  • an Infographic, detailing developmental relationships and how they supported authentic youth engagement;
  • Tip Sheets, outlining various aspects of making the case for authentic youth engagement;
  • a Video Playlist, including a collection of videos that cover everything from a roundtable with the local MPP, meaningfully giving youth a voice, maximizing positive impact, creating safe spaces, and more;
  • a Presentation, providing an overview of the Halton Youth Initiative evaluation story, illustrating  survey results with quotes from participants.

This is one of several online resource toolkits developed by Halton Youth Initiative.

Halton Youth Initiative. (2021). Making the Case for Authentic Youth Engagement.

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