Using Technology with Youth


Using Technology with Youth

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This toolkit was developed by Halton Youth Initiative.


The Halton Youth Initiative was a project of the Our Kids Network, serving the Ontario communities of North Oakville, Acton, Aldershot, and Milton.

The Using Technology with Youth Toolkit shares some of the lessons learned about the key ways of connecting with young people when you are working on a local project or initiative. The Halton Youth Initiative (HYI) utilized technology extensively to connect with our youth volunteers. The HYI compiled pages of testimonials, records of personal experiences, and advice reflecting this experience. The information was used to create a toolkit filled with knowledge that will support your personal and professional development. The toolkit answers some of the most important questions about using technology with youth. Youth volunteers shared what they are looking for when participating in community service. The toolkit was created for community organizations and committees that want to engage youth in their community.

​This online toolkit includes:

  • a Practice Brief sharing some of the lessons learned about the key ways of connecting with young people;
  • an Infographic describing how to run a youth committee using technology;
  • Tip Sheets focusing on all aspects of using technology with youth; and
  • a Video Playlist.

This is one of several online resource toolkits developed by Halton Youth Initiative.

Halton Youth Initiative. (2021). Using Technology with Youth.

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